Hiya! I'm Pen and I'm a 20 year old Mexican artist (multifandom + OC) and Animation student.Here you can find about my work, my commissions and my socials.


NOTE: Currently only consists of more general questions, nothing really specific

Can I use your art for my layout?I'm okay with you using my art for PFPs / banners as long as there is proper credit.

Can I ask about your commissions?You may DM about any questions you have on my commissions! Whether it's for prices, general inquiries, info even if they're closed, etc.

Can I repost your art somewhere else?I don't allow any sort of reposting of my art, so please refrain from reuploading anywhere else. Thank you.

Can I ask about the brushes you use?You can always ask me about that! Always willing to share them as long as I do remember which one it was :D

What software do you use to draw?MediBang Paint Pro and sometimes Krita or SAI too.Used Clip Studio Paint within Nov 2020 to July 2022.